Panel Heaters

Panel Heaters in Melbourne

Each member of a household would have different needs and preferences when it comes to achieving just the right, comfortable room temperature. During winter, for instance, one individual may find the cold harsh and unforgiving, while another might not even mind it at all.

Fortunately, providing variable levels of warmth and comfort in any area of the home is quick and easy with the help of panel heaters. As a leading heating solutions provider in Melbourne, iEnergi is committed to affording you top-quality panel heating solutions, enabling you to warm up any living space with the touch of a button.

How Panel Heaters Work

Panel heaters work by warming up the air in a particular space through the principle of convection heating. The device’s heating elements—which can be made of metal, ceramic, or composite materials—warm up the air directly or heat up an oil reservoir, creating warmth that is then diffused throughout the room or in any insulated space. It’s one of the most convenient ways to make a home or building warm and comfortable for its occupants.

Panel heaters are also usually designed in a compact package and modern design, taking up minimal space in any home environment. This makes them an indispensable companion in today’s daily living.

Why Consider a Panel Heater?

Panel heaters provide a number of benefits for homes and business properties:


Panel heaters come in a variety of sizes, designs, and heating capacities to match any need. Entry-level panel heaters usually run on 1,000 watts of power or less, and are just perfect for small spaces such as bathrooms, foyers, or nooks. Bigger heaters run on 1,000 watts or more, and are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, dens, and other larger enclosed areas.


There is sure to be a panel heater that will blend seamlessly with any existing interior design scheme. There are models that come in traditional designs that are more boxy in appearance and feature ventilation grills. On the other hand, more modern designs are typically more compact and feature more streamlined edges and surfaces. These usually have unconventional design features as well, such as unique ventilation holes.


Panel heaters can be mounted on a wall permanently, which make them more stable. Meanwhile, there are also popular models that have caster legs that enable the device to be wheeled into any space or room in the home. It can even be transported during travel for use in other places.

Various panel heater models also boast many different functionalities and features. The perfect temperature can be achieved through thermostat control, while a timer can be set to turn the unit off automatically. This helps in saving energy and electricity. Some models even come with remote or smart controls for easier operation.


Aside from attaining just the right temperature that a room occupant desires, panel heaters are also generally designed and manufactured to operate as smoothly and quietly as possible. This makes them ideal in environments such as a nursery, or a room occupied by a medical patient or an elderly individual.

Value for Money

Panel heaters are a good option for homes that do not require heating all year round, especially in areas of Australia such as Melbourne. When not in use, panel heaters can be easily stowed away. If taken care of and used properly, these devices can last a long time. Products also usually come with requisite warranty, so owners are assured of reliability and return on investment in the long run.

Invest in the Right Panel Heater in Melbourne

Panel heaters are a quick and easy solution for providing climate comfort in any given situation. With the wide variety of panel heaters available from iEnergi, you are sure to find just the right model that will fit your needs. Our company is a leading professional heating solutions provider in Melbourne that homeowners can rely on for proper service when it comes to panel heater installations, maintenance, or repair.

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