Log Fires

An elegant look with a comfortable heat that adds style to any living area.

What is it?

A gas log fireplace simulates the charm of a real fire with a hearth containing manufactured “logs” which are fitted with gas nozzles and igniters. They can replace wood fireplaces or can be installed into a standard wall.

Key Benefits

  • Attractive

    Gas log fires are inviting and beautiful. They are many options for fascia’s to suit a range of styles.

  • Radiant heat

    Provides a cosy and warm atmosphere

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Ducted Gas Heating in Melbourne

Melbourne is known the world over for its four-seasons-in-one-day weather. When you live in a place where it’s warm one minute and cold the next, keeping your home’s indoor temperature comfortable throughout the day is an absolute must.

It’s a good thing you can count on iEnergi to provide you with a reliable ducted gas heating system. Designed to satisfy the demands of southeastern Australia’s erratic weather conditions, our heating systems are also custom made to the functional and aesthetic specifications of our clients’ properties.

How Does a Ducted Gas Heating System Work?

A ducted gas heating system features a gas-powered central heating unit that connects to the different parts of a property through a network of ducts. Conveniently kept out of sight under the floor or above the ceiling, the ductwork delivers warm air to every room through the vents located at the end of each duct. Users typically have access to a control board, which they can use to regulate settings for temperature, gas use, airflow, humidity, air filtration, and zoning, depending on the unit model.

Ducted gas heating systems work by drawing indoor air into the heating unit, which then warms the air by blowing it through a heat exchanger. This is in contrast to the method employed by reverse cycle heating systems, which draw air from the outside. As you can imagine, such heating units work less efficiently when outdoor temperatures drop because less heat is available for the system to utilise. On the other hand, ducted gas heating systems work great even during the coldest months—a time when you need warmth the most.

The Benefits of a Ducted Gas Heating System

When you choose ducted gas heating for your home or commercial property in Melbourne, you get to enjoy a number of benefits:

High Performance

As mentioned, ducted gas heating systems remain efficient regardless of the temperature outdoors. They perform much better than reverse cycle heating systems, which become less efficient as it gets colder outside. This translates to more energy and cost savings.

Energy-Efficient Zoning and Heat Settings

With a ducted gas heating system, you can also divide your home into individually regulated zones. This allows you to control the heat settings for each zone or to turn the heat off completely in areas of your home where you don’t need it. The system’s energy-efficient operation and zoning functionalities can help you save between $200 and $600 every year.

Immediate Heat throughout the Property

Conversely, having a ducted gas heating system is also useful when you want to heat your entire home fast. There will be no need to place individual space heaters in each room. Moreover, ducted gas heating systems also bring indoor air to desired temperatures much quicker than do reverse cycle systems.

More Comfortable Warmth

Another benefit of ducted gas heating systems is that the heated air they produce contains more moisture than the air processed by reverse cycle heating systems. Air that is less dry is gentler on the skin, eyes, and respiratory system.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Because ducted gas heating systems are powered by either natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, they produce less carbon gas emissions compared to electricity-powered heating systems. It is important to note that as much as 65% of the electricity produced in Australia is still generated from coal, the dirtiest source of energy in the world.

Get Ducted Gas Heating for Your Melbourne Home or Business

As a leading provider of climate control solutions in Melbourne, we have years of experience in designing, installing, and maintaining energy-efficient ducted gas heating systems that are ideal for the Australian setting. Using time-tested technologies and construction methods, we build systems that are guaranteed to provide your home or commercial property with thermal comfort for many years to come.

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