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What is it?

Refrigerated Air Conditioning can be used to Heat & Cool one room or the whole house. It works by changing the properties of the air inside the home using refrigerated gas and running it over a coil.

Key Benefits

  • Accurate temperature control

    Convenient heating and cooling exactly when you need it.

  • Secure and keeps noise out

    Unlike evaporative cooling, you can keep your windows closed.

  • More attractive options

    Aesthetic options such as linear bar grilles and linear slot diffusers streamline the air-conditioning into the interior design.

  • Energy efficient

    Energy efficient especially when complemented with solar PV. Zoning systems can control the airflow to only the rooms in use. Diffusers can also increase efficiency.


A very affordable solution to cool the whole house at once and is very cheap to run.

What is it?

Evaporate cooling is a whole home ducted solution. It works by using water to evaporate the air & absorb the heat, producing a result very similar to a sea breeze.

Key Benefits

  • Affordable

    Uses less energy than other options

  • Healthy

    Constantly pumps fresh air into your home. The water cooling process means the air is not dried out in the process

  • Effective

    Can reduce the heat in a room by 10 degrees

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