What’s the best heating and cooling system for me?

It’s important to choose the right heating and cooling systems for your new home; it’s not something you want to change later on!

Compare your heating & cooling options

We will work with you to choose the best combination for your house, location and lifestyle. For now, here’s a quick summary for you:


Think about walking on warm floors on a cold winter morning. Hydronic heating is increasingly popular in Australia as a superior form of heating. This is due to its consistent ambient temperature; lower heating bills and lower impact on the environment.

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There’s nothing like coming home to a cool haven on a sweltering summer day. We offer a range of cooling options including Air-conditioning, Ducted Air-conditioning and Evaporative Cooling. We can provide Custom grilles, Linear grilles, Ceiling slot diffusers and Linear bar grilles.
For the best in home comfort and efficiency we specialize in Multi zone Air-conditioning which can be controlled by a wifi app and motion sensors. We are the only Victorian distributor of Advantage Air MyAir4 system.

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We can advise on the best heating options to ensure your family home is warm in winter.
Our options include Hydronic Heating, Ducted Heating, Electric Under Floor Heating, Split Systems, Heat Strips, Panel Heaters and Gas Log Fires.
We offer a range of solutions including hydronic radiators, trench heating, heat pump hydronic, geothermal heating, Air to water heat pumps, combination boilers, Natural gas, LPG and electric options.

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icon-gas2Gas Log Fires

A Gas Log Fire creates the cosy ambience of a log fire without the mess! We offer Gas log fires from Jetmaster and and can also provide wifi control.

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We can integrate solar PV and micro invertors to supplement power for your air-conditioning, saving the planet and your wallet.

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