Architectural Bulkheads in Melbourne

An architectural bulkhead is a dropped section of the ceiling that covers ducts plumbing pipes, electrical wires, exhaust fans, and other service equipment. A bulkhead can also be used to seamlessly connect lowered portions of ceiling with the higher main ceiling, thereby improving the appearance of your property’s interiors.
iEnergi specializes not only in providing heating and cooling solutions for homes and offices in Melbourne, but also in the design and installation of these architectural bulkheads. Aside from hiding unsightly elements of the building infrastructure, our bulkheads also serve to complement your property’s interior design, thermal insulation, and acoustics.

How Are Architectural Bulkheads Installed?

An architectural bulkhead plays an important role in protecting the ceiling, as well as the service equipment that it covers. Depending on a property’s aesthetic and architectural requirements, a bulkhead’s exterior finish can be metal, wood, vinyl, mineral fiber, composite, or other variants.
The equipment to be protected—whether air ducts, plumbing pipes, electrical wires, or exhaust fans—are typically framed first in order to create a dedicated space or cavity in the underneath of the bulkhead. After framing, these equipment are then covered with the bulkhead. Finally, access points such as door-like panels are incorporated to the bulkhead to ensure that the equipment underneath can be accessed in case they need maintenance or repair.

Why Your Property Needs Architectural Bulkheads

What advantages do architectural bulkheads afford your home? Here are some of the benefits:
Protects and Hides Unappealing Wires, Ducts, and Pipes
Exposed pipes, ducts, wires, and exhaust fans can be quite appealing in homes and offices that have an industrial theme. However, such elements can detract from the beauty of a traditional home. Architectural bulkheads are specially designed to protect and accommodate such building elements that are essential to your home. This addition will not only hide these items from plain sight, they can also be customized to suit your property’s interior design.

Makes Your Home More Energy Efficient
In addition to improving the look of your property, architectural bulkheads can also make it more energy efficient, thus helping lower your energy bills. This is because bulkheads can eliminate nooks and crannies and odd openings where hot or cooled air can escape from. Also, by replacing open spaces and higher ceilings with an architectural bulkhead, you are eliminating spaces that would require extra energy to cool or heat up. This results in improved energy consumption and reduced electricity bills.

Improves Your Property’s Acoustic Balance
Bulkheads can also help soundproof or improve the acoustics of a home or office. When used with architectural elements like sound attenuation batts, builders can achieve optimum acoustic balance, preventing noise pollution within the room and preventing loud sounds from escaping to adjacent rooms.

Find the Best Architectural Bulkheads for Your Melbourne Home or Office

Complete the look of your home with architectural bulkheads from iEnergi. Our company specializes in the installation of many different types of architectural bulkheads, ensuring that your property is fitted with products that respect its design and architectural integrity.
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