Electric Under Floor Heating

Electric Underfloor Heating Systems in Melbourne

When the temperature drops in Melbourne, how do you keep the chill off your floors and maintain warmth and comfort in your home? It’s easy when you have electric underfloor heating, which helps keep floors toasty warm while maintaining consistent heat throughout entire spaces.

At iEnergi, our expert installers use the most trusted electric underfloor heating systems that are manufactured according to the highest standards of quality. When installed appropriately, such a system can serve as an efficient primary source of heating for your home or commercial property. It can also be a suitable secondary heat source if you already have a conventional heating equipment installed.

Luxurious Warmth at the Touch of a Button

Installing an electric underfloor heating system in your house or business property is pretty straightforward and easy to accomplish. They can either be incorporated into new structures or retrofitted into existing homes and buildings.

The heating elements of an underfloor heating system are made of non-corrosive materials that come in several different forms, including mesh, mats, cables, and carbon films. These components are installed within the floor itself—on top of a substrate material like concrete or wood, and underneath the final floor finish. It is usually isolated from the main substrate by a layer of damp-proof material and another layer of insulation.

An electric underfloor heating system is also equipped with temperature control options for each room so you can always have the perfect heat settings according to your preferences.

Why Install Electric Underfloor Heating in Your Melbourne Property?

Electric underfloor heating is one of the many space heating solutions available for property owners in Melbourne. Its advantages include the following:

Ideal for Many Flooring Types

Whether you choose ceramic tiles, stone tiles, wood, carpet, concrete, or vinyl as your main flooring material, electric underfloor heating works perfectly. This heating system is most especially useful for flooring finishes such as tiles, which tend to get very cold in winter.

Perfectly Spreads Radiant Heat

Conventional centralised heaters often use a “radiator” unit to warm up a space. Despite their name however, these radiators primarily rely on heat convection in order to provide warmth to a room. As the air is warmed by the appliance, it rises—even as cooler air descends before also getting processed by the radiator. However, this process can sometimes result in uneven heat distribution within a space. With electric underfloor heating, on the other hand, heat is evenly radiated from the floor, creating perfect heat coverage inside a room. This is true radiant heat utilised to your advantage.

Does Not Circulate Dust and Allergens

Because electric underfloor heating relies on radiant heat transfer instead of convection, it doesn’t circulate air, preventing dust particles and allergens from being disturbed and spread around the room.

Inconspicuous and Space-Saving

Electric underfloor heating systems can also help save space because they don’t make use of bulky radiator units. This is especially helpful for homeowners who may have rooms in their homes that are really limited in floor-space.


Once installed, underfloor heating systems don’t really require maintenance. They also don’t have to be cleaned regularly because they can’t accumulate dust particles like conventional radiators or ducted systems.

Choose the Best Heating Solutions Provider in Melbourne

Providing luxurious warmth and consistent heat to your home or business property in Melbourne is easy, thanks to the availability of electric underfloor heating systems.

At iEnergi, we aim to provide you with the most reliable heating solutions that will fit your unique needs as a property owner. Our electric underfloor heating experts are highly knowledgeable about the subject matter and will be more than happy to guide you through the entire project—from determining the best system for your property to completing the installation process.

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