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Ducted Wine Chillers in Melbourne

Having a wine cellar or room at home is a dream-come-true for many wine lovers. Designed to properly store wine bottles and barrels, such a space needs a highly reliable cooling system that not only maintains the right temperature but also the optimum level of humidity.

A ducted wine chiller is the best choice for this job because it can cool and control the moisture in any room, turning it into the perfect space for your wine collection. iEnergi is a leading provider of heating and cooling solutions in Melbourne, which means we can provide you with the best ducted wine chillers for both residential and commercial purposes. These cooling systems don’t only help keep your wine chilled, they also create the perfect conditions under which your prized collection can age and mature over time.

How Does a Ducted Wine Chiller Work?

A ducted wine chiller comprises condenser and evaporator units that can be positioned remotely in any location within the property. Thanks to the ductwork, chilled air can be introduced into the wine cellar even as warm air is channelled elsewhere.

Because the cooling unit doesn’t have to be installed inside the wine room itself, this space can be cooled in complete silence. The unobtrusive setup also allows property owners to maximize their indoor floor space while also preserving the room’s architectural integrity.

The Benefits of Having a Proper Ducted Wine Chiller

Why is a ducted wine cooling system the best option for your home or commercial wine storage facility? Here are a couple points to consider:
Transforms Any Room into a Wine Cellar
Ducted systems can turn any vacant room into a perfect wine storage area, and they don’t even have to be installed inside the room itself. Unlike a through-the-wall cooling unit, a ducted system can bring cooled air to the room even when its cooling units are remotely located.
This system can be used with any reasonably sized room. If you have a bigger wine cellar to cool, you have the option of installing a larger-capacity system or adding more cooling units to ensure that it is properly cooled at all times. Moreover, you can choose to have the warm air channelled directly outdoors, preventing the rest of your home from heating up.

Offers Quiet and Non-Obstructive Cooling
Since the cooling units are setup outside the room or cellar, you can save space and maximize the number of wine bottles or barrels that can be stored in the chilled room. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about loud noises disrupting the peace and quiet of your favourite space in your home. In their stead, you can play your favourite jazz or soul tunes!

Create the Best Wine Cellar for Your Home or Business

iEnergi is known for providing properties in Melbourne with versatile and efficient cooling and heating systems. Our products and services not only add to the comfort and functionality of residential spaces, they are also used to enhance commercial properties and facilities.
Our ducted wine cooling installations can be customized to fit your specific needs and budget. With the right system installed in your wine room or cellar, you can be sure your precious wine collection is kept in a premium, climate-controlled environment.
To find out more about ducted wine, contact us now, or call us at 1300 012 011 for a free consultation.


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